This Popular Duo Literally Took A Shower In Front Of Everyone On Their Way To Music Bank Rehearsals 

He stripped down and washed himself!

The popular comic duo, Norazo, shocked the press and fans waiting for Music Bank‘s rehearsal walkway when they took a shower in front of everyone!


Norazo casually walked into the Music Bank parking lot where numerous fans and press were waiting to take photos of the appearing artists.

But all of a sudden, Won Heum began spraying water on Jo Bin!


Once situated, Jo Bin took off his jacket to reveal “six-pack abs”!


He then began spraying a couple of pumps onto his hair…


and began showering in front of everyone!


While Jo Bin was thoroughly washing his hair, Won Heum sprayed water for him like a farmer watering his plants!


Once finished, he proudly called, “Let’s go!“, and rushed into the building looking embarrassed!


Norazo took a “shower” in front of everyone to promote their latest single, “SHOWER”! What else would you expect from the most comic artist duo in the industry?!


Check out their latest music video for “SHOWER” that will most likely leave you wondering: “Why…?” 😂

Source: Osen