[★BREAKING] North Korea fires rocket at South Korea near DMZ

In breaking new, North Korea has fired what appears to be a rocket and projectiles at South Korea, near the DMZ border.

North Korea has fired against South Korea near the DMZ border, in their first armed conflict in over five years, according to numerous reports by mainstream media.

According to the NY Times, South Korea military radar detected the first projectile, which is assumed to be a rocket, around 3:52pm. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported from the attack.

According to a military official, “A ballisitic trajectory that seems to be from a North Korean missile was found on the 20th. We are confirming whether it is or not. We have returned fire but we are not currently in a combat situation.”

This comes in wake of the current situation where tensions are high after two South Korean soldiers were seriously injured by landlines near the DMZ. While South Korea has accused North Korea of planting the mines, North Korean officials have denied such accusations.

In relation for the attack, South Korea began to blast propaganda messages through their side of the border with enormous loudspeakers. North Korea was not amused.

The North claimed this move was a direct declaration of war and that they would blow up the speakers as well as strike against South Korea.

Stay tuned for updates on this escalation situation.

North Korea loudspeaker clashThis loudspeaker has been broadcasting anti-Pyongyang propaganda across the border into North Korea.Today South Korea said it detected a suspected North Korean projectile heading towards the loudspeaker – in response the South Korean military fired artillery rounds towards North Korea.Read more – http://www.channel4.com/news/korea-north-south-fire-tensions-exhange-border-projectile

Posted by Channel 4 News on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Source: NY Times, and CNN