North Korea Sends Rare Announcement Calling For Unification Of The Koreas

North Korea is all about unifying the peninsula under these conditions.

North Korea made a rare announcement calling for the unification of both South Korea and North Korea after a joint meeting of government and political parties.

News reports stated that the announcement called for all Koreans to “promote contact, travel, cooperation between North and South Korea.” They wanted all Koreans “both at home and abroad” to unite the peninsula without the help of outside influence. It emphasized that the two countries must overcome all obstacles that prevent them from unifying, mainly naming the military drills with the States as the most prominent “obstacle”.

There were no additional details regarding the nature of this announcement or its true intent. North Korean officials only stated that the statement was made to support Kim Jong Un’s News Years Address about unifying the two countries.

2018 marks the 70th anniversary since the founding of North Korea, and the year of South Korea’s Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, where the eyes of the world will be upon the divided peninsula.

A Reddit thread gave a detailed explanation about the issues regarding a peaceful unification.

Source: Reuters