North Korean Citizens Killed, Homes Lost Because of Earthquakes Caused By Nuclear Missle Tests

North Korea launched yet another nuclear missile test and this time, it caused an earthquake that killed its own citizens.

Source: Dailymail

The nuclear test caused a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Punggye, which resulted in the collapse of several civilian buildings.

The explosion from the nuclear missile launch triggered aftershocks within eight minutes, hitting structures in a nearby village.

A dozen was killed and more than 150 people were injured due to the incident.

The North Korean government is receiving harsh criticism after being accused of not warning civilians of the nuclear test as several children were in school when the earthquake took place.

Source: Unilad

The impact also hit the local farmers, as several of their lands have been ruined by the earthquake.

“Displaced farmers are staying in temporary shelters or living with neighbors whose houses sustained less damage.”

— A Representative of South and North Development Defector Group

Source: VOA

Netizens share their concerns regards to the nuclear missile launch testing, as Kim Jong Un keeps ignoring numerous warnings against the testing.

Source: Dailymail

It’s no wonder why their own citizens are risking their lives to escape the rule of a malicious dictator.

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