North Korean Escapee Confesses A Mother Was Forced To Drown Her Own Child

Ji Hyeon A, a North Korean defector, recently revealed a horror story so inhumane, it’s hard to believe it would happen even in North Korea.

Ji Hyeon A successfully escaped North Korea after her fourth attempt and was invited to the UN where she shared the horrifying stories of how women are treated in North Korean labor camps.

According to her, North Korea does not allow “mixed ethnicities” and, if women become pregnant while in China before being sent back to North Korea, they are forced to miscarry through hard labor.

Ji Hyeon A was one such woman who became pregnant and was forced to abort her unborn child without the use of medication.

One woman who became pregnant, however, did not have a miscarriage despite the forced hard labor and gave birth to a baby anyway.

The woman was very happy but was ordered, shortly thereafter, to drown her own baby in spite of her desperate pleas.

In the end, she did as she was ordered while Ji Hyeon A was forced to witness the entire horrific event.

Later, Ji Hyeon A was forced to endure her friend’s death after they were caught eating grass during work.

As punishment, Ji Hyeon A and her friend were ordered to eat grass roots with the dirt still on them, which resulted in her friend’s death after she suffered from severe diarrhea.

All dead bodies in the prison were fed to a dog belonging to a guard, and her friend was no exception.

Ji Hyeon A is now in the process of writing books chronicling the atrocities she witnessed while in North Korea in the hopes that her stories might help save suffering North Korean citizens.

Source: The Epoch Times