N. Korean Escapee Explains Why Kim Jong Un Made Irene Stand Next To Him

Here’s why Irene was standing next to Kim Jong Un in this famous photo.

This photo of Kim Jong Un and Irene has been attracting much attention from the media.


It was particularly interesting because only Irene stood next to Kim Jong Un, while the rest of the members stood together on the side.

Wendy, Seulgi, and Yeri stood at the far left while Irene stood next to Kim Jong Un.


Kim Jong Un had previously stated that he changed his schedule to come see Red Velvet.


Netizens suspected that Kim Jong Un placed Irene next to him in the photo because he was her fan.

  • “And the mystery is solvedㅋㅋ”
  • “It looks like his face even got red”
  • “So that’s why they insisted on Red Velvet”
  • “Doesn’t look like there’ll be any war as long as Irene is here”
  • “Will we be reunified thanks to Irene?”
  • “Looks like he’ll be getting some nagging from Ri Sol Ju”


Amid all of the buzz about how Kim Jong Un may feel about Irene, a former North Korean pianist and escapee, Kim Cheol Woong, shared his thoughts on the significance of Red Velvet and the photo.


He indicated that Kim Jong Un held much interest in Red Velvet. Kim Jong Un’s position next to Irene and Ri Sol Ju‘s position next to Cho Yong Pil was most likely predetermined taking into consideration expected reactions from the South Korean media.

“North Korea pays a lot of attention to the South Korean media. They probably check in real-time how popular certain articles are. 100% the positions were determined considering the South Korean media.”  Kim Cheol Woong


He also said that Kim Jung Un wanted to promote himself as a sophisticated and normal person, which is probably why he chose a Red Velvet member to be standing next to him.

“Kim Jong Un wants to promote himself as a sophisticated and normal person. He chose a Red Velvet member to stand next to him to show that he knows this kind of stuff too and he knows how to enjoy it.”  Kim Cheol Woon


He also suggested that Kim Jong Un wanted to show the Moranbong Band Red Velvet’s style and their modern choreography.

Source: Yonhap

The Moranbong Band is a female North Korean music band whose members have been hand-picked by the leader himself. They made their international debut in 2012.

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