(★BREAKING) North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un To Visit South Korea For The First Time

Peace talks seemingly make progress.

The National Security Council chief, Chung Eui Yong, announced that President Moon Jae In and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un agreed to hold a summit on the South Korean side of the border next month. He mentioned the significance of this summit as it would be the first time a North Korean leader steps onto the South Korean soil. The summit will take place in the truce village of Panmunjom.

The chief continued to explain that North Korea declared their intention to renounce nuclear weapons as long as military threats against the country were not present. In addition, Kim Jong Un has not only accepted the reality of US-South Korea joint military drills that are planned to resume in April but also agreed to halt all nuclear tests and missile launches during the talks.

South Korean officials visiting Kim Jong Un in Pyeongyang.

Moreover, he expressed his willingness to begin negotiations with the U.S.

Kim Jong Un’s sudden change in international diplomacy has shocked the world. However, due to his unpredictable ways, many still remain wary of the situation. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday, “Possible progress being made in talks with North Korea. Maybe false hope, but the U.S. is ready to go hard in either direction!

Source: Choson Ilbo
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