[★BREAKING] North Korean soldier crosses DMZ border to defect to South Korea

Just moments ago, it was reported that a North Korean soldier has crossed the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in an effort to defect to the South.

It is extremely rare for a defector to come straight across the DMZ as most come from China – the last time this happened was 2012. The four-kilometer wide area separating North and South Korea is known to be fortified with landmines and barbed wire. While the South Korean side has telephones for defectors to call for help from, the North Korean side supposedly has even more landmines planted in an effort to deter defections.

South Korean Defense Ministry officials revealed that the soldier approached a guard post in Gangwon province’s Hwacheon county at about 8am. The official continued, there were no warning shots fired as the soldier clearly expressed his desire to defect. Said soldier is currently being held in custody to run checks.

South Korea’s defense ministry has declined to confirm this report.

Source: Reuters