This Is Not A Drill: BTS Jungkook’s Mullet Is Happening

His long hair is making a comeback in a different way.

Back when BTS‘s Jungkook grew out his hair, he took ARMYs by storm with how handsome he looked.

Though fans loved the look, Jungkook had to cut his long hair because it wasn’t as healthy or easy to tame as it looked. It seems like ARMYs are in luck, though, because it’s making a return in a different form.

In the preview for the group’s appearance on KBS‘s Immortal Songs: Singing The Legend to support their producer Pdogg, BTS showed off some of the choreography for their track “FIRE”. What fans couldn’t help but notice was the change in Jungkook’s hair.

While the front was full and brushed just below the top of his ears, the back of his hair was long enough to reach his collar. Although it hasn’t grown too long yet, it’s already shaping up to be the beginning of a mullet.

Once fans spotted the look, they couldn’t contain how much they were living for it.

In fact, ARMYs loved it so much that they had to get a shot of the mullet from every angle.

Others noticed that Jungkook’s hair has slowly grown longer in the back, making everyone wonder how long he’ll let it grow.

Whatever he decides, everyone will be waiting to see the visuals Jungkook will serve next.

Check out Jungkook’s baby mullet in its full glory here.