This Is Not A Drill: MONSTA X Uploaded A Mysterious Teaser Giving Fans Just A Week To Prepare

Ready or not, MONSTA X is coming.

On June 7, MONSTA X uploaded a simple teaser featuring old TVs, their logo and a date: June 14.

They also included a TV emoji in the tweet caption, so that might be a clue fans get about exactly what kind of content they can expect in exactly a week. Maybe something visual, like a reality show? Another clue may be that their U.S. record label Epic Records has also posted the teaser.

Epic Records is responsible for all promotion and distribution for MONSTA X content outside of Korea, so this may be a hint that whatever is coming will be U.S. based.

MONSTA X Officially Signs To Epic Records For All Future International Promotions

MONSTA X also just embarked on their We Are Here world tour, which will be making it’s way through North America – another clue that we may have some international content headed our way.


Stay tuned for more updates on MONSTA X’s mystery teaser to come.