BTS’s V Exposes The Shocking Truth Behind Yeontan’s Appearance In “Rainy Days” MV

We would have never known!

Since BTS‘s V revealed details for his upcoming debut solo album, Layover, ARMYs noticed that his dog Yeontan was included a lot from the cover art to even the release date.

So, ARMYs joked that Yeontan was making his official debut.

Yeontan was also featured several times in the first set of concept photos for Layover.

And if that was not enough, he seemingly starred in V’s new MV “Rainy Days.”

V even thoughtfully included details in the MV related to Yeontan. The music video is primarily from his POV, and the color palette is blue and yellow, the few colors dogs can detect.

Later after the MV’s premiere, V held a live broadcast via Weverse. He excitedly announced that V had made his debut.

Yet, V revealed some shocking information regarding Yeontan.

The “Rainy Days” MV was filmed in Madrid, Spain. So, V traveled for the shoot.

Yeontan, on the other hand, did not travel. So, that is not actually Yeontan in the MV! It’s a lookalike.

I couldn’t bring Tannie to Spain, …so it’s a friend who looked the most like Tannie.

— V

Still, the dog represents Yeontan.

Watch the “Rainy Days” MV below.

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