“Nothing Has Changed” NCT-127 Fan’s Protest Truck Condemning SM Entertainment Goes Viral — Netizens React

Fans had a mixed reaction to the timing of the protest.

One NCT-127 fan’s protest truck is quickly going viral.

NCT127 | SM Entertainment

On May 8, a post on an online community quickly went viral. The post titled “One NCT 127 Fan Sent A Protest Truck In Front Of SM Entertainment” quickly went viral.

In the post, the author uploads several photos of the truck and alleges that it was sent by a lone fan, despite other fans asking them not to.

(SM Entertainment) stated that after NCT DoJaeJung finished their activities, another member would have their solo debut in June. One fan prepared this (protest truck) alone, and although other fans asked them to stop, the fan said they would be sending it regardless. Currently, fans are telling the fan to stop on Twitter.

— Author of the post

In the pictures, the lone fan revealed several grievances that they had with SM Entertainment.

  • SM Entertainment wore NCT127 shirts and blamed Lee Soo Man while crying about SM 3.0, but despite saying all the right things, there haven’t been any changes.”
  • “NCT127 was shelved during its most important phase and lost almost 3 years!”
  • “There are more merchandise and random goods than there are NCT127 albums. There are more (NCT127) pop-ups and galleries than there are news of an NCT127 comeback.”
  • “SM Entertainment didn’t do anything during the incident when delivery drivers stole all of NCT 127 members’ personal information.”

Despite the author of the post seemingly criticizing the fan for sending the protest truck, some netizens who saw the post defended the lone fan, while others criticized the fan for the timing of the protest considering a unit of the group had just finished their promotions and a member of the group was about to make their solo debut.

  • “To be honest, they have a right to be upset.”
  • “The contents of the protest are all justified, but the fan expects the whole fandom to take accountability for their lone protest. Also, why why are people asking if NCT DoJaeJung activities aren’t NCTs’? That fan is talking about NCT’s group activities. Considering their group as a whole, it is true that SM Entertainment totally messed up.”
  • “Although I understand the fan after reading their list of complaints, I understand why the timing of it is controversial.”
  • “Those who say that NCT Dream promoted often don’t know what they are talking about. Previously they never came out, LOL. Sigh.”
  • “The fan isn’t saying anything wrong.”
  • “The fan is only saying facts.”
  • “Can’t the fan protest on their own? Is it okay to protest with 10 fans? With a hundred? There aren’t any thresholds, and it’s not like the fan is manipulating fans’ sentiments, so what’s wrong with this?”
  • “When was NCT 127 shelved?”
  • “I’m a fan, and I think this fan is speaking facts. First, they need to stop dropping goods… please.”
  • “NCT 127’s schedule is really weird.”
  • “Weren’t NCT always active with schedules here and there?”
  • “Isn’t the group’s recent unit promotions not considered NCT 127 activities? Isn’t SM Entertainment just promoting individual promotions before they enlist? I heard they also had a comeback at the beginning of this year.”
  • “The reasons for the protest truck are just, but the timing of it is just f@cked.”
  • “The timing of the protest is bad, but the fan is speaking facts. Even as a non-fan, I think NCT fans have waited long enough.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: theqoo