BTS’s RM Revealed Jungkook’s Body Fat Percentage…Which Explains A Lot

Hard work pays off.

We all know just how hard BTS’s RM has been working to bulk up from recent photos of him and his arms. It looks like his hard work has paid off after he revealed his results from his health screening!

He came on Weverse and shared how his body has changed since he started working out.

I went for a health screening and my weight went from 70.1 kg to 73.6 kg and my skeletal muscle mass went up 3.5! Exercising a little bit this year was worth it. I’ve been on my diet for five days…my current body fat percentage is 15% and I’m trying to hit 10% so I plan on working out five days out of the week. FYI Jungkook’s body fat percentage is 10% (…jealous). Ah fighting

⁠— RM

| Weverse

Thanks to RM we now know Jungkook‘s body fat percentage, which then explains his killer body from the recent MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E online concerts!

I mean…

…just look at him.

Jungkook has also previously revealed that there was never a time he didn’t have abs since debut.

He plans to continue working on his health even when he gets older. This face with a body like that? Yes and yes.