NS Yoon-G reveals she was the first Asian Homecoming Queen during high school

NS Yoon-G revealed she was the first Asian Homecoming Queen at her high school during a recent broadcast. 

Aired on May 27th, NS Yoon-G guested on SBS‘ Talent Discovery where she shared that she was voted as the Homecoming Queen in high school, becoming the first Asian in the school’s history voted as one. This in itself hinted at her popularity during her high school days.

She also added, “But because I love sports so much and I’m not very feminine, men don’t tend to like me very much. My favorite sport is MMA.”

[+ 4460, – 171] This girl comes off as a bit odd looking but she’s so pretty…she works so hard to but she hasn’t gone BOOM!! and exploded yet….

[+ 3719, – 87] If you’re pretty you aren’t even the target of racism…really it’s the discrimination of the ugly

[+ 3135, – 142] I was smart in elementary school but now I’m just a slave of a company a part time one at that..

[+ 1857, – 167] Those “Men” must be eunuchs

Source: Xports news