NTX To Return As An Eight-Member Group After Kihyun Leaves Group

They have updated fans on what’s been going on.

Victory Company announced that member Kihyun would be departing NTX. They released a message through the official fan cafe regarding Kihyun’s withdrawal from the group and the future of NTX.

The agency stated, “We apologize for delivering sad news to our fans. After discussing a long time with Kihyun and his guardian, we have decided to respect each other’s wishes and his personal circumstances and have decided to cancel his contract.”

They also announced that the group would continue activities as an eight-member system as Jiseong is currently active as a member of TAN. On the other hand, the group will release their new single album, LATECOMER, on November 23 at 6 PM KST.

Source: mk sports