SEVENTEEN, Golden Child’s Bomin, And Girl’s Day Sojin Sweetly Shared Support For NU’EST’s Ren And His Musical

His friends have been sharing their support:

Making his musical debut in the production of Jamie, NU’EST‘s Ren has been dazzling musical-goers through his role as the title character. As Ren takes over the musical stage, many of his friends and fellow idols have been showing him lots of love and support by attending the show too!

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Over the past couple of days, Ren has been sharing several heartwarming backstage photos he took with his friends including SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan, Seungkwan, DK, and Joshua. Posting two photos that perfectly captured their strong bond, Ren captioned the moment with, “So precious Venteenies.”

Jeonghan, Seungkwan, DK, and Joshua weren’t the only ones who came out to show their support for Ren. Girl’s Day‘s Sojin did too! Sharing a sweet picture they took together, Ren wrote, “Our ‘Looking for Trouble’ noona, thank you!” Looking for Trouble was a variety program that they both appeared in together!

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사서고생 울 큰누나 고마워용❤

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Sojin also posted a couple more pictures together with Ren and made her own cute Looking for Trouble reference writing, “Our ‘Looking for Trouble’ maknae, Mingi (Ren’s real name). I’m here to watch the musical Jamie and take in the world’s best character. Good work, you’re so cool!

In addition to the SEVENTEEN members and Sojin, Golden Child‘s Bomin also showed lots of support for Ren! After Ren posted a few pics together along with the message, “Handsome bare-faced Bomin-ie, thank you for coming“…

Bomin also shared a picture he had taken with Ren’s poster saying, “Our handsome and cool Mingi hyung. Jamie Ren way to go! A handsome man on the stage, thank you for the fun show.”

You’ve got to love all the support, love, and serious friendship goals!