Rapper Nucksal Is Getting Married To His Girlfriend Of Two Years

Congratulations to the couple!

According to reports, one of Korea’s most talented rappers, Nucksal, will be getting married.

Nucksal | @nucksal/Instagram

On August 5, news outlet 10Asia released an exclusive report stating that the rapper will be getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend of two years in September.

According to the report, Nucksal’s fiance is an office worker who is six years his junior. It is said that the rapper and his fiance had been dating for two years.

Fans congratulated the rapper in online communities.

  • “Wow, he’s getting married to Ms. Diligent!!! Congratulations!!!”
  • “Wow, congratulations!”
  • “I remember the members being super excited about a possible wedding, lol. I am sure they will have a grand after party, lol.”
  • “Please live diligently with Ms. Diligent~.”
  • “Congratulations!”

The rapper recently spoke about the surreal feeling of having articles written about his dating life on tvN’s Amazing Saturday, for which he is a panelist.

This is my first dating allegation. I’ve been telling people I’ve been dating since a few years back, but no one would write an article, but all of a sudden, I am in a dating report with a diligent office woman.

— Nucksal

Nucksal then confirmed on the show the dating allegations were true in the sweetest way.

Babe, are you watching? I am working hard, making money. Let’s continue to date diligently.

— Nucksal

Nucksal is beloved by Korea’s hip-hop community. The rapper has long been known as one of the most talented rappers in Korea. Hailing from the VMC rap label, run by fellow rapper Deepflow, Nucksal received critical praise for his 2016 album The God Of Small Things. The rapper also featured in one of Korean hip hop’s most beloved songs, Deepflow’s “Jakdu,” off his 3rd LP Yanghwa.

Album cover for The God Of Small Things | VMC

The rapper would become a household name in 2017 through his breakout performance in Mnet‘s Show Me The Money 6, in which he finished second. The rapper transitioned to variety shows, becoming a panelist on the popular tvN show Amazing Saturday.

Nucksal on Amazing Saturday | tvN

Want to check out the rapper’s music? Check the link below for the music video for “NFS”!

Source: Wikitree and 10Asia