Nucksal Reveals Places You Can Meet Famous Korean Rappers

The Hongdae area has been known as a hot spot for Korean hip-hop for some time now, but it’s hard to spot rappers in the midst of the crowds in such a large area. 

Lucky for fans of K-Hip-hop, Korean rapper Nucksal took it upon himself to reveal a few spots that his fellow rappers visit often on Park Na Rae’s Ctrl + V.

He pointed out a park in the area where many rappers, including members of Angdreville Fellaz (ADV) crew, gather to freestyle and practice.

Kwang Dong Pocha, according to Nucksal is a great place to check out as it is many rappers’ restaurant/bar of choice.

Nucksal also took a moment to promote his friend’s vintage shop, where rappers apparently shop frequently.

Nucksal: To be honest, this is a bit of a promotion for people I know…

Park Na Rae: Hold on a minute.

His friend Qwala (who is also a rapper) owns a vintage shop called 90Wave which is also a great place to stargaze.

“If you want to see rappers, you have to go here. So many rappers go here and they post photos from 90Wave.”

— Nucksal

Nucksal finished the show with an inspiring message to aspiring rappers.

“Don’t believe in external forces that try to instill something in you. Just trust the music you feel. You have to go forth with just that in mind.”

— Nucksal

Watch the full clip below and take notes for the next time you go to Hongdae!