NU’EST’s Aron Is Now “Manager Kwak” After Fans See Him Suited-Up To Perfection

Where do you work, Manager Kwak?

NU’EST‘s Aron, along with his fellow teammates JR, Ren, Baekho, and Minhyun, visited the BRAND OF THE YEAR 2019 Awards, where they won the Boy Group of the Year award.


While all the members were dressed to impress, fans grew particularly fond of Aron, whom they have nicknamed “Manager Kwak” for his professional, sophisticated look.


Aron rocked his charcoal colored suit and the press loved this city chic style on him.


His dressy formal outfit – turned into a daily outfit for the white collar worker Aron inside the world of L.O.V.Es’ imagination – well complemented Aron’s features too.


NU’EST’s fans are now playfully commenting that they want to start working at whichever company Manager Kwak is working.


They’re definitely madly in love with this modern man “Manager Kwak” style on Aron!


Congrats to Aron and the rest of NU’EST on their win!

Source: THEQOO