NU’EST’s Aron Had The Perfect Answer To This Question About The Worst Moment In The Group’s Career

Fans couldn’t agree more with what he said.

On a recent interview with Billboard, shared on the official Billboard Twitter account, NU’EST played “FirstBestLastWorst” to answer questions about their careers, goals, and more.


When they were asked to describe the worst moment in their careers as K-Pop stars, Aron had the most perfect answer and it’s making NU’EST fans super proud.


Aron wholeheartedly answered that yes, things have been hard for NU’EST at times, but no – there wasn’t a single moment in their adventure as K-Pop stars that they could ever call “the worst”.

I don’t think we ever had like a worst moment in our careers. I think there were definitely downs but I don’t think there was a worst.

— Aron


NU’EST’s fans are swept off their feet by how Aron answered this question with such grace. They are in love with him for firmly drawing the line and pointing out that their careers may have had some slow points, but none of the moments deserve to be called “the worst”.


Fellow NU’EST member Baekho then additionally explained that the group unfortunately had less opportunities to perform on bigger stages, even after they had debuted. The “diminish in the number of performances” was hard on the members and they thought these slower times to be the “downs” in their careers.


Having been through the dark and down times together though, NU’EST members now share an unbreakable, irreplaceable teamwork that is helping them soar higher each day in the K-Pop scene!

Watch the full interview here: