NU’EST’s Baekho Reveals Their CEO Gave Them An Expensive Gift For Re-signing With Their Company

All of the members resigned with Pledis!

NU’EST appeared on Idol Room to celebrate the release of their latest album, “The Table”. Right off the bat, MC Jung Hyung Don congratulated the members for all re-signing with Pledis Entertainment.


NU’EST debuted under Pledis back in 2012. They struggled to make a name for themselves for over 5 years until they finally got the recognition they deserved by appearing on Produce 101 Season 2.

The members remained loyal to the company as they all decided to renew their contracts to continue on as NU’EST!


Baekho revealed that as a celebration of the renewal, their CEO gifted each of the members with expensive watches!


Never the one to forgo an opportunity to tease the members, Defconn accused them of re-signing just for the watch!


All of the members were flustered as they vehemently denied Defconn’s teasing!


The CEO of Pledis was probably as ecstatic as L.O.Λ.Es were that NU’EST will be together for many more years to come!

Source: Xports News