NU’EST Baekho Held A Surprise Event For His Birthday And Basically The Entire Country Showed Up

Fans were thoroughly touched by his surprise event.

On July 21st, NU’EST’s Baekho uploaded a surprise Instagram post that indicated that he would be holding a live busking performance in celebration of his birthday!

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Baekho had previously shown up at an exhibition dedicated to him by a fan, nearly giving the attendees a heart attack by his surprise appearance.


But a live busking performance came as a complete shock! And as shocking as it was, the size of the crowd that gathered to see him was astonishing.


As the large seating area quickly became full, fans even gathered off to the side in the grass area to watch the idol perform.


Even Baekho himself was shocked at the number of people gathered for him as he continued to mouth “wow” as he walked towards the stage.


The fans who gathered on this day despite the scorching summer weather (mid to high 90’s!) truly showed how much NU’EST’s Baekho was loved.

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On this day, Baekho blew out the candles on his birthday cake…


Took some time to talk to his fans…


And of course, sang songs that made fans fall in love with him all over again.


Fans were absolutely touched that Baekho had given fans the best present ever on his own birthday.

  • “I’m one of the Loves who rushed out to see Baekho at his exhibition. I can’t believe I was able to see him when I went there to see his exhibition. But I’ve never even imagined a busking performance. He sang us songs while sweating in the hot weather. I think he was really touched too though. You can tell he loves being loved. He’s also great at giving too. It seemed like he was thoroughly touched by his members’ Instagram posts too.”
  • “I am truly happy. All I can say is I’m so thankful. I probably won’t love Baekho this passionately my entire life, but I think these moments of being Baekho’s fan will become very precious and beautiful memories in my life. I want to see him forever and ever!”
  • “This is the producer, songwriter and main vocal of NU’EST everyone. This is why it’s impossible to fall in love with him. You’re an idea bank, Baekho.”
  • “Even if he doesn’t do anything or just does a live broadcast, I’m so thankful but doing this event in the scorching sun for us…I’m thoroughly touched.”
  • “Thank you Baekho for his! We’re always thankful and will always support you. We’ll do more for you and love you more and more!!”


Watch Baekho’s full live busking performance here: