NU’EST’s Debut MV Breaks 100M Views After 7 Years

Congrats to the boys!

For a K-Pop idol group’s debut music video to reach 100 million views is actually a big deal, mainly because often times such music videos do not receive a lot of attention when the group first promotes as a rookie.

The only groups whose debut track music videos that have passed 100M views are BLACKPINK, (g)i-dle, TWICE, ITZY, and Wanna One.


This has been the case for NU’EST as well, when the boys debuted 7 years ago in 2012, and their debut track “FACE” also didn’t receive too many views immediately. The video was uploaded on March 14, 2012 by the K-Pop channel “1theK” and began accumulating views slowly, but steadily.


By April 28, 2019, the music video for “FACE” ended up breaking 100 million views, after 7 years since its release. NU’EST’s official social media account shared this news with the fans by posting a celebratory tweet and image!


This record breaking event has been celebrated by the South Korean news as well. YTN channel covered NU’EST’s new YouTube record as one of their main cover stories. Fans are celebrating by capturing the moment of the story being shared on the news!


Twitter is now trending with fans using the hashtag “#NUEST_FACE_100MViews” to show their excitement over the new record!


Fans are even more excited by this record breaking news because NU’EST is scheduled to make their return to the K-Pop scene as a whole, five-member group again on April 29, 2019. It’s truly a time of celebration for NU’EST fans! Fans are looking forward to breaking more records with NU’EST’s brand new track “Happily Ever After”.


Watch the “FACE” music video here:

Source: Instiz