NU’EST Discuss Each Other’s Solo Tracks On Their New Album “Romanticize”

“Working on this album was really a chance to discover each other.”

Earlier this month, NU’EST released their second full-length album, Romanticize. This is their first full-length album in seven years, a considerable milestone for the 9-year old group.

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Out of the 10 tracks on the album, five of them were the members’ solo tracks. During an interview with Jeff Benjamin for Forbes, the members were asked to review each other’s solo tracks.

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Ren spoke about Minhyun‘s solo track, “Earphone,” describing the song as “healing” and

It’s about reflecting on your emotions inside at night while listening to a song. It’s an R&B song that has a lot of appeal, but what really appealed to me, at first, was that I thought the title was really unique and really fresh. I thought the lyrics went perfectly with the feel and title of the song as did Minhyun’s vocal and vocal characteristics. I really liked that. But this a song that gives me a lot of healing and a lot of consolation.


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Minhyun, in turn, opened up about his feelings on JR‘s track “Doom Doom.”

When I heard “Doom Doom” for the first time, it was a really powerful song. Because JR took part in the arrangement of the song, I felt that he arranged this song with the performance in mind. I’m looking forward to seeing how it will be performed and seeing live where we can begin to have concerts again. There’s something that I’m really looking forward to.


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JR found Baekho‘s solo “Need It” to be very sexy!

I think a solo song really expresses the artist and what the artist is. The impression I got from Baekho’s song was that it’s a very sexy song. And I think about the stage, and I think a lot about all of the skin and the sexiness that’s coming out of this song. I think that’s another performance we can look forward to. But that’s what I felt: that power and that sexiness to make a performance everyone can look forward to.


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Baekho explained that their solo tracks reflect what each member sees as romantic. So, when talking about Ren‘s track “Rocket Rocket,” he saw it as Ren’s portrayal of someone on stage.

Our solo tracks are sort of what we feel is romantic. Ren’s saying himself on the stage is what is romantic. I thought while listening to this song, I’m someone who also loves being on stage and performing too so I could really relate to it. But it’s also a song I could feel Ren’s energy coming out of it, a song you could listen to on your own that’s feel good and also a perfect workout track.


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Aron, who is currently on a mental health hiatus, did not attend the interview, so Baekho and JR spoke on his track “I’m Not.”

What Aron felt was romantic was himself as part of NU’EST and part of this team. When we worked together on this song, “I’m Not,” I learned a lot about how he felt and it was a time discovering who Aron is and more of his emotions. It’s a very sentimental song, it brings out a lot of emotions; it makes you happy and it’s very consoling. All those emotions compete at the same time.


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The solo tracks gave the members the opportunity to get closer, even after 9 years together.

Working on this album and the solo tracks together was really a chance to discover each other and learn more about each other.


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