NU’EST Dropped Comeback Teasers And They’re Connected To A Past Release

The queen and her knights have returned.

NU’EST released a teaser image titled “Happily Ever After” with a description, and it looks vaguely familiar.


The image seems to be a queen and five men who are presumably her knights. This isn’t the first time NU’EST has used this concept.

In NU’EST’s video for “Overcome”, the five members acted as knights to their queen. In one particular shot, the queen gives Aron a chain with a locket.

Minhyun, Baekho, JR, and Ren looked on as Aron was presented with the gift. This scene mirrors the exact image NU’EST released.

NU’EST also dropped a short video that seemed to reference “Overcome”.

A woman can be seen walking behind a sheet of ice.

This exact image is mirrored in “Overcome” with the queen placing her hand upon that sheet of ice.

It looks like NU’EST will tell the full story of what transpired between the queen and her knights. Are you looking forward to unraveling the mystery? You check out “Overcome” to get a head start.