NU’EST Fans Flock To Social Media To Celebrate The Group’s 8th Anniversary

Happy anniversary, NU’EST!

March 15 marks the 8th anniversary of NU’EST, who debuted with Pledis Entertainment in 2012.

The group, whose name stands for “New Established Style Tempo”, debuted with the song “Face” with five members – Ren, Aron, Minhyun, Baekho, and JR. While Minhyun left the group for a while to promote with Wanna One after placing in season 2 of Produce 101, he has since returned and the group is now promoting again as five. Their latest comeback, “Love Me,” came out in October of last year.

Fans have taken to Twitter to show their love and appreciation for the group on their big achievement.

Fans of the group also took to other social media platforms to express their feelings for the anniversary. It sadly comes right after the news of Ren’s grandfather passing, which people are acknowledging as well.

“NU’EST has had such a crazy career trajectory and I’m so happy that the group has continued to want to make music together. They really are K-Pop’s true Cinderella story. Here’s to another anniversary!”

“Happy anniversary to NU’EST and their incredible debut song Face! This day is a bit more difficult than normally, due to the sad news yesterday, but the debut date of five amazing members is still a special day.”

“Words can’t describe how much I love them and how proud I am of them. Been a fan since debut and never stopped loving them. I was undecided about going to KCON LA last year, but when they were announced in the lineup I immediately decided I had to see my precious boys. They’re one of my top groups of all time and I’ll always love them dearly.”

“So what I’m seeing is, they survived the curse. Nice”

“One of the most consistent groups since debut to date. Happy 8th anniversary NU’EST!”

“Following them since the debut day, I can not feel any more proud to introduce myself as a LO/\E. 8 years with them, with laughter and tears, words cant express how grateful I am to all of our boys Cheers to all our boys 😘😘”

Congratulations NU’EST! Here’s to many more years of success!