NU’EST Officially Begin Promotions With Hwang Minhyun After Wanna One

OT5 is back!

After two years, Hwang Minhyun is officially back to promoting with his original group, NU’EST!


NU’EST began uploading a series of members’ photos with the word “NU’EST WEEK” and hashtag #NU_WEEK (New Week). JR was the first to upload to their Twitter account.


Baekho soon followed with his stunning selfie.


And Aron gifted fans with the cutest heart!


With Ren’s beautiful selfie, fans wondered what NU’EST WEEK was all about.


But it appears it may have been the announcement of Hwang Minhyun’s return as Hwang Minhyun uploaded a selfie of himself with the same wording and hashtag as the rest of his members!


This is the first time NU’EST has acted together as OT5 since Hwang Minhyun’s 2nd debut with Wanna One.


During Wanna One’s promotions, the rest of the NU’EST members promoted under the subunit called, NU’EST W. The W stood for “wait”, meaning they were waiting for Hwang Minhyun’s return.


Now that the group is complete again, let’s see what they’ll be dropping next during NU’EST WEEK!