NU’EST’s JR Reveals His Rare Special Relationship With This Male Idol

JR doesn’t have many celebrity friends, but this male idol means so much to him!

NU’EST W appeared on 2pm Cultwo Show for a special radio interview about their latest album, “WAKE,N”. While introducing the guests, guest-MC Key from SHINee revealed that he’s actually quite close to the NU’EST W members.

“I met the NU’EST W members quite often. Especially with JR, I would see him during broadcasts and even outside.

We’re very close.”

— Key


When MC Kim Tae Gyun pointed out the age difference between the two friends, JR quickly clarified that he doesn’t feel any pressure about age. He doesn’t have many friends in the industry, so he’s very happy to be close friends with him.

“I really like [Key].

I’m glad I can call him hyung. I don’t know many people in the entertainment industry, so he gives me a lot of strength.”

— JR


Ren also added that Key is a good friend, as well as a good senior, because he gives them a lot of good advice.

“[Key] always gives us very good advice.”

— Ren


When asked which advice he remembers the most, Ren revealed an advice that was most fitting to Key’s personality!

“He told us, ‘That’s just life.'”

— Ren


Although JR may not be well connected in terms of celebrity friends, it’s good to know that he has someone like Key on his side!

Source: Sports Seoul