NU’EST Minhyun’s Hair Stylist Apologizes For Damaging His Hair—Here’s What Happened

“Don’t hate us too much…”

Over the years, experienced hair stylist Goya has worked with numerous K-Pop stars, including members of Super Junior, Wanna One, VIXX, and NU’EST. But while many of her clients must be happy with her work given how long she’s been in the industry, there’s one star who didn’t get such great results: NU’EST’s Minhyun. In a new “Comment Defenders” video with AYO on YouTube, Goya publicly apologized to Minhyuk for a past hair mishap—here’s what happened.

These days, Minhyun’s hair is looking totally handsome, but it wasn’t always that way.

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When one AYO commenter shared some photos of damaged idol hair captioned, “I’m a non-idol fan but my heart hurts whenever I see something like this,” Goya had to make an embarrassing confession. Upon seeing a photo of Minhyun from back in his Wanna One days, Goya hung her head in her hands and revealed, “I think that was me.”

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I apologize,” said Goya while her fellow stylist Aeri laughed at her mistake. Goya went on to explain exactly what happened to make Minhyun’s hair look so brittle and broken in the 2018 fansite preview photo.

Goya revealed that Minhyun has very thick and heavy hair, which ended up being a problem when she had to bleach it. After bleaching the locks to a blonde tone, Goya says the damage wasn’t particularly visible because Minhyun’s hair was so bright. However, when she dyed it darker again, the problem was evident.

The stylist went on to explain that she did try to cover the problem with hair extensions, but the damage just wasn’t quite hidden. Thankfully, when Minhyun appeared on stage the next day at KBS‘s Music Bank in Berlin, his styling made his hair mishap look a little more intentional.

When their hair is cut off,” Aeri chimed in, “we struggle more, so we try out best not to damage it.” Once again apologizing profusely, Goya revealed that she felt sorry every time she blow-dried Minhyun’s hair in that state. Nevertheless, she did reveal that K-Pop hair stylists do their best. “We’re trying really hard not to damage your bias’ scalp and hair,” she said, “so don’t hate us too much.”

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