NU’EST Minhyun’s New Vogue Photoshoot Made Korea Forget It’s The Middle Of Summer

His chill vibes are cooling fans off.

NU’EST‘s Minhyun is always blessing his fans with his Prince Hwang visual. But his most recent photoshoot for Vogue’s August issue has everyone completely frozen in awe.


Through his Instagram, Minhyun shared some pictures to be included in the August issue of Vogue Korea magazine.


In these series of pictures, Minhyun is actually posing in winter clothes – knitted sweaters, padded pants, and teddy coats.


Fans are wowed by how, despite the fact that it is scorching hot summer in Korea right now, Minhyun made the shoot look completely natural.


Some are praising the photos by playfully commenting they can almost feel the icy chill from the pages!


Vogue Korea also shared some pictures of Minhyun from the shoot. Minhyun looks dashing as usual – and his fans are well satisfied with how the magazine brand has successfully captured Minhyun’s signature “coldness” in the pictures.


The magazine is selling fast, with L.O.V.Es placing their orders to get their hands on actual prints of these icy cold goodness.

Source: THEQOO