NU’EST’s Minhyun Talks About His First Major Role In Drama With DAZED Magazine

He hopes everyone is happy.

NU’EST’s Minhyun’s collaboration with cosmetic brand Lancome worked with DAZED Korea magazine for a visually pleasing photo shoot and interview for the 155th issue special edition.

This photo shoot was made possible after Minhyun’s previous collaboration with the brand this past June that gained a lot of attention.

The pictorial shows Minhyun’s iconic ‘lipstick cut’ photos that show his professional image for the shoot.

The interview that was conducted for this pictorial reveals an update on his life, filming for a drama, as well as his thoughts about the lipstick.

You have been cast for your first lead role in the drama “Live On.” What are you most excited about?

Hm…being able to see another side of me through the TV screen? Unlike my usual singing, dancing and talking on TV, I’m excited to see myself play a new character. I will do my best to show my best efforts.

⁠— Minhyun

Is there anything you have in mind that you must do by the end of this year?

I hoped to work with DAZED magazine one more time and that wish has come true. And although this is not my goal just for this year, I want to take care of the people around me and hope that everyone is happy.

⁠— Minhyun

Read the full interview in the 155th special edition of Dazed Korea magazine! Also look out for Minhyun in the new JTBC drama Live On which will air starting this November.