NU’EST’s Minhyun Gushes Over After School’s Reunion Performances

“The respect I have for After School is really big.”

Legendary girl group After School recently had an incredible reunion that had us all feeling nostalgic!


The world was blessed by After School and their amazing reunion performances of their hits “Bang!” and “Diva” on a special episode of MMTG.


The reactions from fans and celebrities, such as SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan, are nothing but positive! Seungkwan even shed some tears of joy! Many were touched and excited over the reunion and label mate Minhyun from NU’EST also expressed his opinion on After School’s performance.

During a recent live broadcast, Minhyun shared that he watched the group’s iconic reunion and revealed how the After School members were the first celebrities he had ever met.

When I first entered the company it wasn’t when they were promoting “Bang!” But, was it November of 2010 when I entered? After School noonas were promoting a lot back during that time so to me they were the first celebrities I’ve seen since I was born.

— Minhyun

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As After School is Minhyun’s seniors and first celebrity meeting, he revealed he has a lot of respect for the group. To further clarify his feelings toward the reunion, Minhyun shared he related to Seungkwan’s sweet reaction.

The respect I have for After School is really big. Seeing their performance again after so long, they were really cool. It’s like I knew how Seungkwan felt.

— Minhyun

Minhyun continued and shared that Pledis Entertainment would introduce themselves as the company After school was in and that they were truly the center of the company. Minhyun also shared that people should listen to all of After School’s B-sides!

I listened to a lot, even the B-sides. People should listen to all the B-sides too in an album. It’s such a shame that only the title songs became hits. Right? Not just ‘Diva’ and ‘Bang!,’ but ‘Because of You’ is good too. ‘Shampoo’ is really good, I love ‘Shampoo.’

— Minhyun

Minhyun ended the topic and revealed he wants to do a company concert with the groups of Pledis Entertainment! How amazing would that be?

Back when NU’EST and SEVENTEEN debuted, there were those kinda of things like JYP Nation, SM Town, and YG Family, those company concerts. I thought we could do something like that as well. Seeing noona’s performance, I got that idea again.

— Minhyun

Check out After School’s amazing performances of “Bang!” and “Diva” below:

Source: Naver TV