NU’EST’s Minhyun Reveals One Major Reason Why He Was Cast For His Character In “Live On”

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Wrapping up on his JTBC drama, Live OnNU’EST‘s Minhyun took part in an interview with Star News on January 13.

The drama focuses on high school student Baek Ho Rang (played by Jung Da Bin). Baek Ho Rang joins the broadcasting club at her school in an attempt to find the person trying to reveal her secret.

This is where Minhyun’s character, Go Eun Taek, comes into play as he is the perfectionist chief of the broadcasting club.

Minhyun shared that he tried to show all of Go Eun Taek’s dimensions naturally, including his personality transformation:

Go Eun Taek is a character who comes off cold-hearted at the start, but he slowly becomes softer and affectionate after meeting Baek Ho Rang. I tried hard to convey these sides of him so that the watchers could accept this naturally.

— Minhyun

Apparently, Minhyun shares a great resemblance to his character Go Eun Taek according to the director. This was one major reason why the director wanted Minhyun in the drama:

The director actually told me that he cast me as Go Eun-taek after he looked me up a lot, and I think he saw that there were many similarities.

— Minhyun

The interviewer then asked Minhyun how much he and his character are similar in terms of percentages to which Minhyun laughed and replied:

If you talk in percentages, 70%? It seems that Go Eun Taek’s strong and clear subjective personality and deep understanding seem to resemble me, and they’re features I want to resemble even more.

— Minhyun

Minyhyun then revealed to the interviewer how he would wish for the drama fans and viewers to remember Go Eun Taek even after the series ends.

I hope people remember Go Eun Taek as a sturdy character, someone who doesn’t get swayed easily, and a person who knows how to give his heart to someone.

— Minhyun

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Source: Naver