NU’EST W Updates On Comeback Plans With Hwang Minhyun After Wanna One

NU’EST W will become NU’EST once again!

NU’EST W recently held a showcase conference for their latest album “WAKE,N”.


The members have been promoting as a group of four as their 5th member, Hwang Minhyun, is currently promoting with Wanna One. With Wanna One’s contract coming to a close in just a few months, the press were curious about their upcoming plans to reunite as OT5.


JR answered that they are unable to respond with a full answer because they themselves have yet to discuss their plans about the reunion. He apologized for not having any solid answers for their fans’ curiosity.

“Although we want to tell you details about the situation [with Hwang Minhyun], we haven’t discussed anything about it yet so we can’t say anything right now.

We’re very sorry about that.”

— JR


JR further explained that they just haven’t had the time to discuss Minhyun’s comeback because they were totally engrossed in producing their album.

“We have been focused entirely on this album so we haven’t had any discussions [about Minhyun] yet.

We’re very sorry.”

— JR


Although nothing has been set in motion for the NU’EST reunion, fans will be able to enjoy NU’EST W’s upcoming promotions for their title track ‘HELP ME’!