NU’EST’s Hwang Minhyun and TWICE’s Chaeyoung Picked As The Idols Fans Want To See More Of On Reality Shows

Both of these idols have some of the funniest reactions.

In a survey conducted by celebrity website fancake,  NU’EST‘s Hwang Minhyun and TWICE‘s Chaeyoung were voted the top idols fans wanted to see more of on reality shows.

The survey was conducted from May 6 to 12. Minhyun and Chaeyoung took top spot amongst the male and female idols respectively in a survey that included 41 groups and 314 idols.

Minhyun has starred in entertainment shows such as I Live Alone and Hello Counselor.

His charm and chemistry with the members of NU’EST on their reality show, NU’EST Road, has definitely won fans over.

Chaeyoung’s appearance on KBS’s Battle Trip with her fellow members, Dahyun and Tzuyu was highlighted as one of the most entertaining performances yet.

She was even given the title “rich with reactions”!

Source: Hankooki