NU’EST’s Ren Withstands The Power Of A Typhoon For Love

How far would you go for love?

On the upcoming episode for JTBC‘s The Fool’s Chart, it will focus on scientific evidence for things that we cannot understand.



One of the topics on the chart included ‘Why our heart hurts like we’re going to die when we break up.’ The show then reveals scientific evidence regarding this topic, shocking everyone on set. When someone goes through a sudden break-up, one can go through a temporary heart attack from psychological shock, which is similar to myocardial infarction.



After hearing this, NU’EST‘s Ren commented, “If your heart hurts like you’re going to die, that shows how much you loved them. I’ve gone out during a typhoon to meet someone.”

With Ren’s sudden love story reveal, the two hosts couldn’t believe that he would go out during a dangerous natural disaster to see the person he loved.



But Ren shocked the hosts again by saying that this love story happened when he was just nine years old. When asked what he did with his friend during the typhoon, Ren replied, “We ran around in the rain and felt the wind.” His pure and innocent answer had the hosts smiling.



This episode of The Fool’s Chart will air on November 11, 8 PM KST.


Source: newsen