“Nugu” Girl Group Makes A Bet With Their CEO To Sell 100 Albums…Or Else They’ll Disband

Here’s what happened.

What lengths would you go to in order to find success?

For Girls’ World‘s Ara, it isn’t too much to make a bet that puts her entire career—and that of her members—on the line.

 Girls’ World’s Ara | @official_girlsworld/Instagram

On her private Instagram account, Ara revealed that she “confidently” told the CEO of Liz Entertainment that they can sell 100 copies. She admitted that she put the group’s “third album on the line” as collateral. If they can not reach this goal, they will not have another comeback and will essentially disband.

| @official_girlsworld/Instagram

She added in a separate story that in order to fulfill fan requests to perform in different countries, they need to surpass this hurdle of album sales. Otherwise, they will not be able to continue being idols in the future.

Girls’ World is set to make a comeback with their second mini album on October 2.

The top K-Pop girl groups of all time have sold millions of album copies, with BLACKPINK‘s BORN PINK album leading the pack with almost 3 million units sold.

The fact that Girls’ World considers 100 albums as a far-reaching goal has upset many netizens. They took to Twitter to express their support for the group and their shock that a seemingly “low” number is challenging for them.

Many are already pre-ordering their copies in order to make the bet go in the favor of the members.

Girls’ World consists of WindyKyrinAra, and Hari. They debuted on June 20, 2022 with the single “Rapunzel.”

Source: Twitter