I.O.I Doyeon proudly shares a gift from one of the members

I.O.I‘s Doyeon cutely shows off a pair of earrings given to her by fellow member Yoojung.

On October 7th, Doyeon posted a tweet that read, “I am back everyone~~ It rained today 🙁 Watch out for the flu!! I’ll be back next time! Boom!”

She brought attention to her earrings, mentioning their beauty and giggled while thanking Yoojung for the present through a series of hashtags, #EarringsAreSoPretty #YoojungGaveThemToMeAsAPresent #ThankYouHehe.

She thoughtfully pulled back her hair to showcase the earrings. Her hand that formed a peace sign was even strategically positioned high, to not block said jewelry.

Doyeon wore a bright yellow sweater to combat the gloomy weather. The female idol took time to post on social media, despite I.O.I being busy with preparations for their October comeback!