The Oddest Way Basketball Sports Star Marcus Foster Showed His Knowledge About TWICE

Marcus Foster surprised us with his K-Pop knowledge!

Recent Seoul Transplant Marcus Foster has the oddest connection to K-Pop superstars TWICE – and he revealed it to everyone during an interview!

So those not well versed in sports, Marcus Foster is an American basketball player who recently signed with Wonju DB Promy of the Korean Basketball League (KBL) after a short stint with the Sacramento Kings for the NBA Summer League.

During a break in the fourth quarter during a recent game, Foster did the oddest thing to “pass the time” – a K-Pop quiz!

During this “quiz show,” he did his best to answer correctly all the K-Pop questions thrown at him.

One of the questions that he did get right was about TWICE!

A Korean article talking about the moment.

While we don’t have access to the video (as it is currently region locked by Naver), we were able to find out that in response to the question, Foster has stated that he definitely knows TWICE’s “Yes or Yes” due to hearing it a lot when he was first in Seoul.

While he doesn’t know too many of their other songs, I’m sure he’ll pick up a few more.

ONCEs immediately thought of songs to request to him, but we have no idea which path toward TWICELAND he’ll take now that he’s in Korea for the long haul.

But we know he’ll get there eventually. After all, TWICE’s charms are too strong to resist!