Off-duty Korean coastguard saves civilian’s life in split-second decision

A off-duty Korean coastguard who was on vacation is going viral for saving the life of a civilian in the streets of Korea.

A coastguard corporal identified as Lee is reported to have saved a life during his time-off. A student started to choke while eating bread due to a blockage in his airways and fell to the floor while spectators stood in horror.

Corporal Lee came and performed the Heimlich’s maneuver in order to save his life. Once the student regained consciousness, he was sent to the hospital for minor treatments.

Corporal Lee revealed to the public after the incident that, “[I] was able to save a life due to practicing emergency drills everyday. I’m thankful that many people sent me love because of the small thing I’ve done.”

He has since returned to base and will be given a letter of commendation and rewarded a vacation.

Source: News1