Official statement by SM Entertainment regarding Sulli’s withdrawal from f(x)

Soon after giving an initial statement regarding the reports of Sulli withdrawing from f(x), SM Entertainment has come out with their official statement.

On June 25th, SM Entertainment told TV Report“Nothing’s been decided on the matter of her leaving the group. Her future activity as well as f(x)’s  will need to be very careful.”

Earlier in the day, reports of Sulli leaving the girl group to focus on her acting under SM Entertainment – as her contract was still ongoing – began taking over news websites with further statements that f(x) would now be focusing on their September comeback as a four-member group.

Since her personal hiatus in the summer of 2014 soon after f(x)’s comeback with “Red Light,” Sulli has not been seen publicly until March when she slowly began returning to the public’s eyes through various photoshoots.

Victoria, Amber, Luna, and Krystal have been focusing on personal activities since their “Red Light” promotions were prematurely cut short last year.

Source: TV Report