Official Update On Late Actor Lee Sun Kyun’s Wife And Her Future Activities Has Been Released

Movie starring the actress was postponed after Lee’s passing.

In a recent official report by Sports Daily, light has been shed on the upcoming activities of Jeon Hye Jin — the wife of the late actor Lee Sun Kyun — whose untimely passing left fans and colleagues in deep mourning. Amidst the backdrop of personal loss, there has been considerable speculation regarding Jeon’s return to the public eye, especially in relation to her upcoming acting projects.

jeon hye jin
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One of the most anticipated developments in this regard is the rescheduled release of the movie Mission: Cross, which had been previously postponed in the wake of Lee Sun Kyun’s death. The film is now set to premiere in the second week of September, aligning with this year’s Chuseok holiday, a period traditionally marked by family gatherings and celebrations in Korea.

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Originally slated for release during the Lunar New Year holiday in February, Mission: Cross encountered an unexpected delay due to the tragic news of Lee’s passing. Within the film, Jeon Hye Jin is reported to have a significant role.

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Mission: Cross promises to be an engaging action movie, weaving the story of a former agent turned veteran housewife, Kang Moo (portrayed by Hwang Jung Min, who conceals his past from his wife. The plot thickens as Ace detective Mi Sun (played by Yum Jung Ah) misinterprets her husband’s secrets, leading to an entangled web of events. The film has generated buzz, not only for its storyline but also for the high-profile cast, including notable performances expected from Jeon Hye Jin and Jung Man Sik.

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Furthermore, the film’s promotional materials, including its launching poster and trailer, have already captured the public’s attention. The trailer, showcasing thrilling gun action scenes between Hwang Jung Min and Yum Jung Ah, highlights the dynamic chemistry between the leads. This aspect, combined with the storyline, has resonated with audiences, as evidenced by the trailer and synopsis being shared over 10,000 times on social media platform X (Twitter).

Meanwhile, this update on Jeon Hye Jin’s professional pursuits, particularly her involvement in Mission: Cross, offers a glimpse into her resilience and dedication to her craft amidst personal hardship. It remains to be seen whether she will be part of the movie’s promotional activities later this year.

Source: wikitree