OG Idol And “Penthouse” Actress Eugene Reveals How Proud She Is Of BTS And Her Shock Over Their Mcdonald’s Meal

“I can’t believe they released a BTS meal.”

First-generation idol and successful actress Eugene recently made her appearance on Tiki TaCAR and expressed her love for BTS!

In the recent episode of Tiki TaCAR, Eugene’s legendary mark on K-Pop was mentioned. For those unaware, Eugene was a part of the iconic first-generation group S.E.S and captivated everyone’s hearts in the 1900s and 2000s! The group was not only widely successful in Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan as well.

Eugene (left), Bada (center), Shoo (right) | SM Entertainment

When talking about her two daughter’s love for K-Pop, one of the show’s MCs, Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun, mentioned, “I heard you’re into BTS too.” Eugene proved she was an ARMY and replied, “Is there anyone who doesn’t like BTS?

Eugene discussed her love for BTS and how she was first exposed to them and their amazing music. Eugene shared she first discovered the talented group from their legendary Billboard win! From there on, Eugene shared she followed them on social media and became a huge ARMY!

I knew them since they first won the Billboard, from that moment I knew them. To be honest, I didn’t know them before that.

— Eugene

While she has seen great success in her own career, Eugene revealed she was quite shocked at BTS’s scale and amazing achievements.

It was a shock to me. ‘What? Korean artists won the Billboard?’

— Eugene

Through the many legendary moments BTS has made, Eugene commented that made her realize how much K-Pop has evolved.

As a first generation idol, I feel like things have really changed now.

— Eugene

Furthermore, Eugene admitted that as a first-generation idol she was envious of BTS and also incredibly happy to see their success. Eugene explained that she would be less shocked if BTS made waves in Japan, China, or Taiwan as S.E.S was extremely successful there, but on a worldwide scale, Eugene said she was extremely impressed!

We’ve made it into Asia. I’ve been to China and Taiwan. But it was so shocking and the world has changed. So, I was envious and proud of them. That’s when I heard their songs, and all their songs are really good.

— Eugene

When asked if she would sing BTS’s songs on the Tiki TaCAR, Eugene claimed, “I know all their songs. I listen to their songs a lot.” Eugene even mentioned BTS’s new Mcdonald‘s meal—”Recently, they even released a BTS hamburger.

They released a BTS meal. They even wrote ‘Cajun’ in Korean. I can’t believe they released a BTS meal. That’s really shocking.

— Eugene

Back to music, Eugene sang BTS’s Boy With Luv!

Check out Eugene’s amazing cover of BTS’s Boy With Luv:

Source: Donga