Oh My Girl’s Hyojung Actually Met Fromis_9’s Jisun Before They Even Debuted—Here’s How She Found Out

It’s fate that they met again!

Oh My Girl‘s Hyojung and fromis_9‘s Jisun met a long time ago, but Hyojung only found out very recently!

Jisun and Hyojung

Oh My Girl’s Hyojung and Binnie are currently hosting their show Hyojung And Binnie’s Sweet Home, and in a recent episode, invited fromis_9’s Saerom, Jiwon, and Jisun to the show as their guests!

As they made their introductions, Jisun revealed a surprising bit of information that surprised everyone! She said that a few years ago, she and Hyojung had been at the same audition for WM Entertainment, and even performed the same song, which was Hyuna‘s “Bubble Pop”!

This is off the record…remember the audition you danced “Bubble Pop” for? I tried it out too!


While Hyojung was shocked, Jisun continued, saying that when it was her turn to perform the song, the staff that was present for the evaluation told her to smile during the performance just like Hyojung did!

After that! The staff in charge told me to smile just like you, unnie!


Binnie then asked Hyojung to re-enact her famous smile during the audition, and Hyojung revealed that she just smiled like crazy!

Not sure! I just smiled like crazy!


And as fate would have it, both Hyojung and Jisun ended up meeting each other as fellow idols, and in groups that suit each of them perfectly!

Watch the whole thing here!