OH MY GIRL’s Jiho Collapses On Stage, Fans Demand Proper Treatment

“Let the girls rest.”

OH MY GIRL‘s Jiho was spotted collapsing on stage and fans are outraged with the group’s agency for overworking her and the rest of the members. They have trended the Twitter hashtag #wm_콘서트_취소해 (wm_cancel_the_concert) to demand that Jiho gets treated and well rested before moving on with future schedules.


Fans captured on camera Jiho seeming unwell and extremely exhausted while rehearsing on stage. Her fellow teammates looked very concerned for Jiho, as she continued to be unable to hold herself up to sing or dance.


Soon, Jiho dropped to the floor and the music was halted. The other members helped get her off the stage. When the music stopped playing, fans could hear Jiho’s heavy breathing into the microphone – proving that something is terribly wrong with her current condition.


When the clip went viral, OH MY GIRL fans began tagging the agency, WM Entertainment, on Twitter and demanding that it cancels future schedules – including their upcoming concerts – while the girls get fully rested and recover from fatigue.


Fans are sincerely concerned for not only Jiho’s but also the entire group’s physical and mental state. They commented they “don’t want concerts, comebacks, or even new albums” if it meant this much “abuse” for the members.


The agency has not yet responded to the trending hashtags or the fans’ demands. Fans continue to grow upset with the agency’s lack of effort to communicate with the fans as well as look after their managing artists.


Watch the heartbreaking clip here:

Source: Insight
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