Oh My Girl’s Jiho Reveals The Secret To The Group’s Close Bond With Each Other

She revealed what she thinks is the reason they’re all super tight!

Oh My Girl‘s Jiho gushed about her members as she revealed what their secret to remaining a tight-knit group is!

Jiho recently sat down for a photoshoot and interview with The Star, where she answered lots of questions, from her personal to her professional life!

| The Star Magazine/ YouTube

One of the questions asked to her was,

Just like sisters, Oh My Girl. What’s the secret to such a close relationship?

Jiho revealed that all the members work to make sure there’s never any lapse in communication among themselves!

We compromise for each other by communicating tons. The seven of us all had different backgrounds growing up, so we had a lot of things to talk through. But we’ve been talking a lot lately, so right now, we don’t have anything to solve, really.


She further revealed that all the efforts at communication over the years paid off, because they’re now closer than ever!

Now we know each other without words, since we understand and make up for each others’ faults.


Jiho then left an adorable message for her beloved members!

I don’t know whether my members would watch this interview, but I really love you girls.


We love the bond that Oh My Girl shares!

Watch this Jiho talk about her groupmates here from the 2:26 mark onwards!