Oh My Girl JinE diagnosed with anorexia due to excessive dieting

During an interview with TV Report , Oh My Girl revealed that due to excessive dieting while getting ready for this album, JinE was diagnosed with anorexia.

Dieting is something that all idols struggle with but female idols are extra sensitive about their weight changes and sometimes go to extreme measures to maintain their figure before comebacks. The rookie group Oh My Girl was no exception and when asked what the hardest part of their comeback was, answered in unison, “the dieting.”

JinE stated “I tend to gain weight very easily and the pictures from our last promotion made me think that I needed to lose more weight.” She explained because the concept of ‘Closer’ required her to look dreamy and mystical, she needed to lose weight. In the end, she succeeded in losing 9kg in two months more than 1kg per week.

She said “I wanted to be as pretty as possible for ‘Closer’ so sometimes I starved and mostly ate only protein. I also exercised a lot.” But her sudden weight loss brought about an inflammation in her esophagus as well as anorexia.

The company was alerted to the fact and stopped her diet and got her on a healthy meal plan. Her esophagus has fully recovered currently and she is currently being treated for her anorexia by maintaining a healthy weight through controlled meals and exercises.

JinE reassured fans by saying, “I will be bright and happy on stage since I learned that if I am sick I worry more people than I had thought. From now on instead of excessive dieting, I will take better care of my body.”

Source: TV Report