Oh My Girl’s Mimi Hilariously Calls Fans Out For Poking Fun At Her With A New Nickname

Mimi is definitely keeping an eye on Miracles!

Oh My Girl‘s Mimi talked about a nickname of hers that she learned about only recently, and shared how she found out about it through lurking on fan comments!

Mimi | @mimmiiiya/Instagram

Oh My Girl’s Hyojung and Binnie are the hosts of their very own show called Hyojung and Binnie’s Sweet Home, and they invited Seunghee and Mimi to be their very first guests!

For the show, the two guests had to turn in “moving in” forms, and in this segment, Mimi revealed that she actually dislikes having nicknames, but there is one that she doesn’t mind all that much-“Baby Kimmi”!

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The name “Baby Kimmi” stems from the combination of her birth name (Kim Mihyun), and her iconic line from the chorus of Oh My Girl’s recent hit song, “Dun Dun Dance”, which is “Baby gimme, baby gimme, baby gimme more“!

Mimi then revealed that although she approves of the nickname, she found out only because of how fans would send her memes and jokes about it!

They’ve kept on showing me weird memes and teasing me by saying, ‘Oh, ‘Baby Kimmi?’ Something like that.


She started poking fun at their fans, saying how she’s totally aware of everything they’ve been saying about her!

Our fans have started to make fun of me. I haven’t left any comments but I always read your comments! Watch out!


Mimi’s definitely got her eyes on her fans!

Watch them talk about it here!