Oh My Girl’s YooA Hilariously Exposes Herself As A Bad Cook

But she also revealed that she loves cooking!

Oh My Girl‘s YooA hilariously exposed herself as a bad cook!

YooA sat down for an interview with GQ Korea, where she answered TMI questions that were given to her!

One of the questions she received was,

What is the best dish you can cook?

With a good-natured laugh, YooA revealed that she’s not good at using her hands, and makes people nervous when she starts to cook!

As you already know, I am not dexterous at all. I am all thumbs. I am not a good cook and [I’m] really and with knives, but I still cook.


But she cutely revealed that even though she thinks she’s not particularly good, her mom still enjoys her cooking a lot! She also hilariously talked about how many fans are wary of her cooking, but revealed she still enjoys it!

My mom enjoys my cooking. I want to say the best dish I cook is deonjang jigge (soybean paste stew). Many of my fans don’t really want me to cook, it makes them nervous just by watching me cook.

Well but, my pick of the best dish is deonjang jigge!


YooA recently made her solo debut with the album Bon Voyage and title track of the same name.

Watch her talk about her cooking skills from the 0:47 mark here!