Oh My Girl’s Yooa Shared Why She Loves Jessi’s Show, And You’ll Honestly Agree

It’s the funniest, yet most wholesome reason ever!

Oh My Girl‘s YooA recently shared why she fell in love with Jessi’s Showterview, and the reason is hilariously relatable and wholesome!


Oh My Girl recently guested on Jessi’s Showterview, where they showed off their various charms, talked about their comeback, and more!

During the show, Jessi asked the members to name their favorite episode from Jessi’s Showterview!

Which episode is your favorite?


YooA immediately chose every single episode, because in every episode is present Jessi’s trademark and carefree swearing throughout the show! Stating that she loves Jessi’s constant cursing, she revealed it’s her favorite because of the comfortable vibe it sets for the guests that come on her show!

Every part you swear. I really like it! The free atmosphere!


Jessi agreed with her, and told YooA that she definitely has to curse on the show too!

You have to do it too!


Watch this hilariously wholesome moment here!

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